10 January 2017

Soundscapes: Images and initial thoughts

The images I will base my three 30 second soundscapes on for this project.

1: Possibly creepy sounding. This image seems quite deep, going back quite far, I think of travelling through it like its a forest, quite serene, floating. I also get a feeling of sea life. I get a feeling that everything in the image would be moving, so it could be quite a busy soundscape.

2: This one I am struggling with the most, so I will try to focus on it first. The blue glow makes me think of electric lights or neon. It's quite spiky, but it seems like its made of a gel like material, so maybe gloopy sounds. Like shaking a bottle of shampoo, but slower. The little bobbles make me think of rippling.

3: This makes me think that something is definitely happening in the image, like an important event. Everything is flowing from or moving to the middle. I think of whirling sounds, like heavy winds or a washing machine when the water first comes in. I think of oil, petrol, maybe bubbling sounds, like thick soup just beginning to boil.

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