25 January 2017

FSTS: Updated Idea - Any advice appreciated!

Two clowns are performing the end of their show at their factory. It involves conveyer belts heading towards blades and machinery picking the clowns up by their clothes. One clown gets more laughs than the other and the boring clown is very jealous.

The clowns pack up their show and get the next days show set up ready to go. The boring clown is giving the funny clown evils and then notices a tube of super glue behind him. Her eyes widen and she hastens to finish her work, not noticing that she has dropped something on the conveyer belt

The clowns are going to bed and the funny clown takes his wig and nose off and puts them on his bedside table. Some time later, early morning, a hand sneaks up with the super glue and puts some in the wig.

The next day, the clowns are performing their show. The funny clown trips over the mess the boring clown left and stumbles over, getting his wig caught in the side of the conveyer belt and heads towards an ugly death. The boring clown realises what is happening and jumps up to try and get him free. She pulls and his shoes come off, so she scrabbles to grab his ankles and pulls some more. The audience have been laughing but now some of them look concerned as the clowns get dangerously close to the blades at the end of the line. Both clowns are freaking out, the funny one having no idea why this is happening, the boring one realising that she doesn't want to be responsible for her partners death (in front of such a large audience). Finally both clowns go flying backwards down the belt and tumbling off of it on to the ground, the audience stepping back. Everyone stares with shock at the funny clown. The funny clowns wig and scalp hang from the conveyer belt and are dragged slowly into the blades.


  1. This is really well written, I can picture the ending already! Perhaps you could utilise the clowns getting ready to provide a bit more back story? Other than that I think you've got a great piece here and I can't wait to see it as a finished product!!