18 May 2018

Toolkit 2: Submission

Life Drawing

Digital Sculpting

Analogue Sculpting

Character Design

Weightlifting Animation

Collaboration Animation
(The two characters in the back of the hairdressing skit)

Facial Animation


Pipeline 1

Lighting & Rendering 2

Toolkit 2: Pipeline 1 - Rigging 3,4

To show my work setting restrictions/limits I have taken screenshots of the rig at some of its max positions and included the channel box in the shot.

Toolkit 2: Digital Sculpting - Scene

I couldn't use my ptex textures in Maya, but I have added materials and rendered some of my mudbox objects with Arnold. I have included images of my objects as I created them in Mudbox in this post, to show my work for this class.

Toolkit 2: Character - Production Bible Update