30 December 2017

Toolkit 2: Maya - Pipeline 1 Head Modelling 2,3,4

Toolkit 2: Maya Tutorials - Lighting and Rendering 2,3,5,6

2: Sampling and Noise Reduction

3: Ray Depth

 5: Maya Lights

Point Light

Directional Light

Spot Light

Area Light

Arnold Area Light

6: Light Filters

19 December 2017

Toolkit 2: Character - Environment Thumbnails

I want to have trees leaning into shot so that the goblin's actions seem secretive and closed off, and to make the forest seem darker and more sinister. I also want to work on making the contrast in lighting more extreme, to make it seem more mystical and to have more impact.

Toolkit 2: Character - Details and Colours

I am thinking I will go for somewhere between the first and last colours.

14 December 2017

Collaboration: Reflective Statement

This project has gone quite well for me, I have been pleased with the work my group has produced. I have enjoyed collaborating and have learned a lot about working in a group and producing an animation in general.

I wish I had produced a larger body of work for the concept designs. Particularly the sets, as this would have helped my teammate when he came to model them. Though I was pleased with the overall look I designed for the hair salon.

I underestimated the time needed for sound design and will need to keep this in mind for future projects. I also overestimated the quality of sounds I could record with a microphone I had, I will make sure I have better equipment in future. And plan enough time to get a proper place to record them. I need to make note of how long things take me so that I can plan properly in the future.

I enjoyed making the credits for the film and putting the 'Making Of' together. I learnt quite a lot in this area and would like to continue to develop my knowledge here, particularly as I was not as efficient as I would like.

Working with others was something I was worried about as I was unsure how I would interact with them in a stressful situation. It turned out to be easier than I expected to keep a level head and to communicate clearly when under pressure. My teammates were very good to work with and I understand that this will not always be the case, I will just keep this in mind for the future.

I would like to collaborate more in the future, I really enjoyed sharing ideas with other people. It was interesting and enjoyable to see our work come together to make something that I could not have made alone, but can see my efforts in.

Collaboration: Making Of 'Wrong Response'

I put this together with inspiration and some graphics from the influence map page made by Alex and logo made by Anastasija.

Collaboration: Wrong Response

I have done the animations for the 2 ladies right in the back of the haircut shot and I made the titles and credits, though the initial animation of our logo belongs to Alex.

Collaboration: Crit Presentation

I put this presentation together using inspiration and graphics from Alex's influence map pages and Anastasija's logo design.

5 December 2017

Toolkit 2: Character - Silhouette Movie Poster

Poster ideas/development for Patty Jenkins's Wonder Woman (2017).

Most developed version

Toolkit 2: Character - Storyboard

From a scene in Stranger Things.

Realising that I had rushed these in order to do more panels I redrew the first panel and did a longer sketch of one of the characters.