17 January 2017

FSTS: Ideas

This is one idea I have been thinking about:
Outside of a circus, a robot clown has been thrown away after its nose falls off and no one will help it fix itself. A child notices this and tries to glue it back on.  The child takes the clown to a factory, they leave the child's mother behind at the circus without telling her. A mechanic at the factory sticks the nose on with super glue.  The child's mother rushes in: 'Mother help me my child has gone missing!', then notices the child there. It is revealed that the factory is run by the family and they offer the clown a job.

More ideas:

If a factory is run by clowns, what would they make?
Red Noses
Toys (Toy clowns?)
Custard Pies!

The factory could look like a circus, with big tents.

Why might the clown be a robot? It is in space - the nose could be broken, flashing instead of being constantly lit. The blinking light could be used at certain points to reflect the clowns emotions or progress the plot. The space circus could be a factory, with a machine mass producing clowns to destroy for entertainment and then dump in space.

Super glue could be used in a prank or in a malicious way - glue instead of custard in the pies, sticking someone to the floor, sticking something to someone.

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