21 January 2017

FSTS: Ideas

There is a group of clowns at a circus, they work together in their little factory to make things that fall apart easily for their show. One of the clowns doesn't look as funny as the others and doesn't get as many laughs at the show. He invests in some super glue and sticks things together so that the others' jokes fail. However, it ends up making the show funnier and the boring clown is devastated. The other clowns give him credit though and he gets clapped, his confused face also means that he gets the laughs he wanted.


  1. Nice story Ellie. In the end everybody got what they wanted : audience got a good show, clowns(even if their jokes failed) still got a successful performance, because the audience was laughing, and boring clown finally got his time to shine. I have a question what is a morale of the story?

    1. Thanks Anastasija :) I will have a think about the morale and try and maybe come up with a backstory for the boring clown.