18 December 2018

Minor: Pre-vis - Part 1

This is opening of my pre-viz with parts of the audio I just posted - to give an idea of how I want it to fit together. These clips don't have any effects added to them yet, I will add these in 2D.


  1. Hey Ellie - so it's difficult to absolutely respond to this, because I know I'm only seeing part of the picture, as the long gaps will obviously have stuff happening in them. That said, my first instinctive response is that, in terms of your delivery of the lines, it feels to me as if you need to push for a more chatty, naturalistic quality - like you're actually sitting down to talk to us about this thing and you're proactively trying to find the right words, as opposed to 'forgetting them' - which is how this sounds at the moment. It sounds at the moment as if difficulty finding the words associates with the condition, as if we're listening to someone who is having trouble 'speaking' as opposed to someone who is having trouble finding the right words. I think too - structurally - you'll need to be careful about the length of gap between the opening clauses of your sentence and then 'find the word', as audiences may simply not remember the original context. For me, it just feels as if you need to relax 100% more into this speaking lark and enjoy things a bit more :)

    1. Thanks Phil, I see what you mean. I'll have a rethink and come back into the sound studio tomorrow with this in mind :)

  2. So... percussion as soundtrack! Some examples....


    Have fun!