9 December 2018

Minor: Skinning Progress

I have begun skinning my character. I have built a ribbon spine and a skeleton, and bound the mesh. I have completed the initial weight grouping and blended the upper body. I have included a video of my progress on the upper body. I am happy with it but plan to come back to it with fresh eyes and see if I need to do more blending.

As I have modelled individual toes, I have built a joint chain for them similar to the fingers. I decided to use one less joint for the toes than fingers, as this fits the amount of geometry in them and I won't need as much detailed movement in the feet as in the hands.


  1. Hi Ellie. FYI - I've created a quick video (no audio) demonstrating how to create a basic 'rubber hose' rig. You can find it under the Maya FAQ (rigging section) page. It's uploading now and will be online later today.