27 February 2017

FSTS: Reflective Statement

I have enjoyed this project, it has been very challenging, but I have learnt a lot because of this. Getting through to a story that made sense and could be enjoyable was a longer process than I expected and I went through a few versions. Then getting this story across on screen was also challenging. Making sure the audience would understand what was happening, without boring them, was interesting to work on. I'm feeling more confident about just getting in and thumbnailing without worrying. This allowed me to get ideas out quickly and move in directions I wouldn't have considered previously.

My time management still needs work, and I'm going to spend this reading week figuring out ways I can improve on this. I think that rather than planning my uni work separate from the rest of my life, I should try and organise myself better than a whole. I neglected some aspects of the course to focus on the main aspects of this particular project. If I manage my time better I won't have to do this, so I'm also going to spend this week catching up on things I've let slip. I know that my animatic was unclear, so I'll make sure to keep an eye on things like that in future. I'm looking forward to applying what I've learnt to future projects and I'm excited to get started on the next brief.

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