5 February 2017

FSTS: Clowns 2

Alice (left) and Momo (right)

At first I wanted Momo to be taller than Alice, but I found that then he was just too much bigger and it didn't look right.


  1. nice drawings, Ellie - so is 'Alice' a girl clown then? If so, maybe you need to add a few more signifiers that it is in fact a female clown? They both look like boys to me - is it important that there is a gender difference? If not, then maybe keeping it as two male rivals may just serve to make your life a little easier.

    1. Thanks, Phil. That makes sense. I had the name Alice from where I had been planning to do something with a change to Malice in an earlier draft and I never dropped it. I'll have a think of some male clown sounding names that would sound good with Momo.