9 February 2017


I will continue to work on the unfinished elements of this OGR.

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  1. OGR 09/02/2017

    Hi Ellie - I really like expressionistic mood you've quickly established with your concept art. I do think, to further assist you in your art direction and character design etc. that you should seek to situate your story in a specific place and time - so 'Paris, 1920s' or 'America, 1950s' - just because it will give so much more in terms of design and it will help organise your visual concept: for example - 1920s factory...


    1950s factory:


    Also - French clowns...


    American clowns:


    The other story-based thing is simply this: I think, to make proper sense of the whole routine of the 'factory of fun', we need to 'more' of their routine to situate the bit with the wig as its finale. So maybe it is a custard pie conveyor-belt routine, with your two clowns mucking about and getting it in a mess; you'd only need to sketch the routine for the audience as opposed to give it tonnes of screen time, but I think we need to understand that there is more to their act than just the bit we're currently being shown. It will feel more credible then, like the 'factory of fun' is earning its status on the poster.

    So, short version - situate your story in a distinct time, place, era and determine a strong, abiding visual concept accordingly - and just look at how you might expand on the 'factory of fun' routine for the benefit of your audience.