25 September 2017

Collaboration: Research and Story Idea

I have read some of 'Ideas for the Animated Short: Finding and Building Stories' (2008) by Karen Sullivan, Gary Schumer, Kate Alexander. Here are some notes I made from the book.

3 primary elements necessary for a story:

Other story elements:
Inciting Moment
Story question

Story Is King
Keep It Simple
Know Your Concept, Theme or Meaning
Avoid Cliche
Create a Memorable Character
Emotion Drives Action
Show, Don't Tell
Create Conflict
Know Your Ending
Entertain Your Audience
Use Humour
Do Something You Like

I decided to explore 'Wrong response to I love you' as a premise for a single conflict that intensifies:

A character who is looking for love takes their date out to dinner and gives their heart to them, it could appear as something like a candy heart. Their date reacts poorly and they try again with a different date, the reaction gets worse each time. Location is single camera point of view of restaurant table. Could possibly change the date setting, or the season (different weather outside the window).

Possible Reactions:
Leaning back looking uncomfortable and apologetic
Being Disgusted
Running away/climbing out the window

The response of the person our character loves gets worse, but so could their own approach to it. Our character could get so fed up they splat their heart down onto the table in front of the other person and cross their arms and try to glare the other person into submission, looking from the heart to the person and back. Eventually our character could get completely fed up and flip the table up to hit the camera.

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