14 March 2017

Soundscape: Reflective Statement

I have learnt a lot from this project, including that I find sound design fascinating. Creating sounds in Audition has been thoroughly enjoyable and I often found myself having let hours slip by without really noticing. Learning how many different ways a sound can be changed and how mixing individual sounds can have such a drastic effect has been interesting and exciting.

I wish that I had attended more of the sound design workshops and that I had organised my files better. I find that the further I get into a project the more disorganised I become with storing and backing up important files. This is something I will work on improving, as I know it will become increasingly important to have files organised clearly. With bigger projects and more and more work in Maya I can't afford to lose any files, especially when I will be working with other people and render farms.

I hope to work much more with sound and I have added sound design to the list of things I want to experiment with in the summer. Soundscape has made me realise just how important sound is in making sure a film impacts on an audience and I am now consciously hearing things in films, music and television that I wouldn't normally have noticed. I am excited to use the knowledge I have gained in the Fantastic Voyage project, creating sounds for things that don't have sounds is a challenge and I will need to allocate a good amount of time to this task. 

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