21 March 2017

@Phil - Fantastic Voyage: Test Animation

I threw this together in Animate to get an idea of how a particular scene in my animation could look. I am going to go for a big choreographed dance number that would begin inside a single cell and then zoom out to reveal lots of cells. At this point in the animation a voice over would explain that mitosis takes place all over our bodies all of the time. This is too fast, but I am pleased with the outcome otherwise and I am going to do some searching for ideas about other possible patterns for my animation.

Here is a slower version.


  1. You could slow the video down in after effects with time remapping by right clicking the layer in the timeline > time > time remapping or shortcut: cmd+alt+T

    1. Thank you, Paris! I've updated the post to include a slightly slower version :)

  2. bring it on! I think a mixed-media approach (Maya + 2d animation) is great workflow!