20 March 2017

@Phil - Fantastic Voyage: OGR

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  1. OGR 20/03/2017

    Hey Ellie,

    The idea that really stuck out for me here is the idea of this animation being very 'driven by music' - so Mitosis is like a dance sequence or music-driven light-show. I think this could be really strong and really fun, with opportunities for abstraction and pattern-making as you perhaps scale things up to show how many of these cells are doing this thing - it's a sort of 'fantasia of Mitosis' - I was instantly thinking of this from Beauty & The Beast - Be Our Guest - the moment when it all looks like some wonderful 'repeating' pattern - and perhaps the idea of Mitosis as 'a repeating pattern' or huge dance routine in which everyone is doing their thing in synch could be a nice visual concept that underpins the science:


    It's like this final number from the musical A Chorus Line too:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XinttB5BhEQ (watch until the end).

    This tradition of individual dancers combining to make extraordinary complex patterns (rather like cells in our body combining to create our complexity?) finds its fullest expression in the musical sequences directed by Busby Berkeley:


    But this idea of the perfectly synched chorus was also popularised by The Tiller Girls:

    The idea of presenting Mitosis as some kind of showbiz/jazz hands animation could be a lot of fun, and I'm not suggesting you have actual dancers, but rather you choreograph your various stages very closely to music and play on all the Berkeley/Be Our Guest patterns and repetitions? There's something about panning out from this single process to reveal that it's happening all over the place - filling the screen - that really sells the extraordinary 'show' that is going on inside our bodies all the time.

    So yeah, I think you're definitely onto something with the 'dance' idea....