8 June 2019

None of This: Scene 1 Lip Sync Update

I'm working on lip syncing at the moment and this is my progress from Scene 1. I still want to work in some different facial expressions, but I want to get the lip sync timed correctly first.

I'm also working on tidying up my project and my notes. I have all the information about which lights and which toon lines go with each shot written on post it notes and in different spreadsheets, I'm just putting it all into one document.

1 comment:

  1. HI Ellie - The lip syncing is looking much better. Watch out for the legs (knees) 'popping/locking' though. Its happens a few times in your animation. Normally that happens because - either your over extending the leg in a pose (i doubt that in this case) or the leg is over-extending as it moves from one pose to another (more likely).