10 February 2019

Major: Facial Rigging Progress 2

Here is an update on the facial rig for my character.

I decided to make individual controls for the eyebrows, as I want flexibility, and I'm not sure of all the facial expressions I will need. I followed the Pipeline 1 tutorial for the brow movement, but mostly used a similar setup to the lateral mouth movement. It seems to be working and I have tried out making a few of the expressions from my expression sheet.

There is a problem with the central control on the upper lip. When I click off of the keyframes I make for this control, that part of the lip appears to move back to its original position. It hasn't actually moved back and I think this is just a problem in the viewport, as it renders fine. I'm not sure how to fix this, but I would like to. I want to be able to see how I'm posing my character for animation.

This is what happens in the viewport when I move one frame over. There is a similar issue with the some parts of the brow, but again, it renders fine.

This is a render of the same frame as the above screenshot.

Aside from this, the rig seems to be working. Next I will make sticky eyes and attach the eyelashes.


  1. There are a few things you can try regarding your viewport problem. Firstly, use a non-smoothed character to animate with. Secondly, you can change the viewport 2.0 preferences to 'legacy' (under 'Windows - Settings/Preferences'). Failing that, update your graphics card drivers.

  2. "Windows / Settings/Preference / Preference / Display / Rendering Engine / OpenGL - Legacy"