11 January 2019

Minor: Textures and Effects

This post is some of the work on textures and effects that I have done. It is in my 'making of' document already and I will also post it here.

I have rendered my character with different shaders - one with a grey Standard Surface and one of each colour Toon I will use.

I will likely adjust the red shader - I need to find a balance between it being bright enough and it still showing the character's shape.

I have also created a version of my character with sections missing from it. This involved editing a duplicate of my character model and attaching it to the original with a wrap deformer. As this was quite a quick process, I will be able to make a new version with different pieces missing if I need to.

The new model follows quite well with the rig, though there is some issues on the flat red surfaces.

This is a render of my character's waist in a the side bend shown above. The red Toon hides the distortion quite well, and I will be using an animated texture on these sections.

I have tried using fractal and noise nodes plugged into the displacement on the red shader, as I have done previously with a section of the foot.

I am pleased with the effect so far and will continue to experiment with different options.

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