16 February 2018

Premise: More Development

1) I wake up and my feet have liquified and I have to scoop them back together. 

2) I come down the stairs and my knees get twisted up each time I go down a step and at the bottom I have to untwist them.

3) Where this makes me unstable I have to catch myself against a wall and my wrists break apart and I have to put them back together like a jigsaw while waving my arms about.

4) While sorting this out my back gets aggravated and gets in the way of my bending down and twisting but I pull it about to move how I want. Where I do this I end up losing some control of the body parts I already sorted out.

I want to give each body part distinct sounds that fit with the feeling I get from them and these would all build together into music towards the end of the film. I want to make it more and more like a dance where in the end I give up on settling my body down and just let it do what it wants.

I need to play around with the colours some more and give my character a face!

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