19 February 2018

Perspectives: Thesis Proposal - OGR

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  1. Hi Ellie, this looks the makings of a very interesting dissertation. Your research is relevant and of good quality as well. Looking at what you have covered so far, I have a few suggestions for further research:

    Henry Giroux: On Critical Pedagogy (Library book) 'outlines increasing attempts by both right wing and liberal interests to reduce schooling to training and students merely to customers. Finally the book focuses on the legacy of Paulo Freire and issues a fundamental challenge to educators, public intellectuals, and others who believe in the promise of radical democracy.'

    Game Based Learning: Challenges and Opportunities (ebook)

    International Journal of Game Based Learning (academic online journal) I suggest that you either browse the issues of this journal, or use the 'search within publication' option to find relevant articles.

    The Emotional Benefits of Video Games (online journal article)

    The Gaming Involvement and Informal Learning framework (online journal article)

    The A-GAMES Project (Analyzing Games for Assessment in Math, ELA/ Social Studies, and Science) University of Michigan study into games and learning.

    Finally, I'd suggest that you try searching in the Library's articles and book chapters search for relevant journal articles (you can find it under My Library in MyUCA). I've done an example search here so you can see the kind of thing that's available: http://ucreative.summon.serialssolutions.com/search?s.q=%22silence+of+the+lambs%22+pscychology&ln=en_UK#!/search?ho=t&fvf=ContentType,Journal%20Article,f%7CSubjectTerms,learning,f&l=en&q=Piaget%20gamification

    Hope this helps,