10 October 2017

Toolkit 2: Character - Influence Maps

My character is a Goblin with Trickster and Wood Carving conceits. The environment is a dark forest and the character must sneak into the Goblin King's Tower and the action is hiding.

Goblins from Folk Lore/Fairy Tales

Trickster Archetype

Wood Carvings/Puppets

Goblins in Fiction/Pop Culture

Tree Towers and Wood Carvings of Towers

Dark Forest


  1. Film Structure: Run Lola Run (1998)
    Character: 12 Angry Men (1957)

    All of the lectures can be found on MyUCA inside the Collaboration Project. If I do change the film(s) I will let you know which film I chose. Watching the films above or the new choices is a valid option.

  2. Did you remember to look up Brian Froud for your Goblins?

    1. I didn't, thank you for pointing that out for me