15 May 2017

CG Artist's Toolkit: Drawing - Final Submission

Reflective Statement:

I have always been interested in drawing the human form, but have never had the chance to draw it from life. I feel that having a model in front of me and seeing them move from pose to pose has really helped me to improve my drawing.

Being asked to experiment with different length poses, body shapes, materials, lighting and drawing techniques has been very informative and has helped me work on my weaknesses and solidify my strengths.

Also, drawing in a group environment with regular feedback from peers has helped me to relax around showing people my work. I used to be very shy about showing people my art, especially when it was unfinished, but now I enjoy comparing things with classmates and taking pride in my work. My confidence has definitely improved, in my art skills as well as more generally, as a result of the drawing sessions.

I found the sessions very physically demanding, but did my best to attend as many as possible. I found them very enjoyable and understand the importance of regular practice and making the most of the time with the models and tutor. The quicker poses where definitely my favourite, as I have a tendency to overthink things if I'm given the time. There were longer poses that I really enjoyed, too. I found that slowing down and trying not to overthink was difficult, but when I managed it the results were much better.

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