15 May 2017

CG Artist's Toolki: Maya - Links + Reflective Statement

Introduction to Maya 2016 -
Modelling in 3D Software
Block Modelling
Texturing Part 1 - Common Shaders
UV Layout
One, Two & Three Point Lighting
Batch Rendering
Animating in 3D Software
Animation Parts 1-4

Modelling 1: Digital Sets -
UV Mapping

Hard Surface Modelling
Organic Modelling

Pre-Viz -


Animation -

In Class and Supporting Software Work -
Wineglass Models
Illustrator Monster
Textures using Illustrator/Maya + GIF Making in Photoshop
Lighting/Rendering Cube
Animating Cube Texture
Animated Texture on Cube
Photoshop to After Effects - Parallax Animation

Reflective Statement:

I have found Maya to be very interesting and enjoyable. I had briefly encountered the software last year at college and modelled some simple things, but I found it much more interesting after learning about more elements of the software and am excited to learn more. I like the logical elements of Maya as much as I enjoy being able to design and build creatively.

I started out keeping on top of tutorials but let it slip just before Christmas and struggled to manage my time well enough to catch up. I remember thinking that I would just catch up later at several points when I was more stressed and I know that kind of thinking isn't sustainable. I intend to catch up over the summer, and to keep using Maya even when I am caught up, so that I don't forget what I have learnt by September.

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