25 October 2018

Minor Project: Animatic - New Scene

Last week I travelled to Beihang University to attended a workshop on Emotional Intelligence in Animation led by Birgitta Hosea. It was a wonderful experience that I am very grateful for - it will also be quite helpful for making my film!

Part of the workshop included making a short animation showing emotions changing over time and I chose to work on my Minor Project for this. This video is showing what happens sometimes when I am feeling less pain than normal - I get over excited and do too much, ending up hurting just as much again.

I like the flow of this scene so far but I am not happy with the camera angles here, so I will remake this in Maya to more easily play around with directing the camera. The red parts will be more interesting and abstract and for the purposes of the animatic I will draw them in 2D over the 3D previz. I also intend to have a longer section of jumping about once I realise I am in less pain, but didn't include that here for the sake of getting it completed in the workshop.

With this scene included I would need to rethink the pacing of my film a little bit, I have an idea of how I will do this but will post about it when I have some more coherent thoughts.

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  1. Nice, Ellie - and of course I love the idea that your recent adventure has inputted into your final year film! I must say I'm really looking forward to seeing your bold, strong art direction translate into 3D high-jinx! Bring it on!