25 September 2018

Minor Project: Project Goals

For this project I will be working on the film that I started working on in the Premise project. This post is to outline some of the goals I have in mind for the minor project.

I will continue working on the structure of my film and create a final pre-viz. I have decided to take out a fair amount of the speaking - I will use the narration more as a jumping off point for the things I show, rather than just describing them.

I will work on making shots more interesting. For example, with this moment from my Premise animatic, I could change the angle and the distance of the camera to create more emotion in the shot.

I will need the pre-viz to work out what I need to model, as there will be quite a few different versions of my body in the film. I may need to draw more specific and detailed designs so that I can decide how best to model and rig the things I need. I will start with modelling and texturing a normal version of my body and then I can move on to model further elements and begin rigging.

My progress with head modelling, as posted previously.

As I build the pre-viz I will also be looking at sound design for my film and will be organising my work for a 'making of' document.

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