2 May 2018

Premise: Visualisation Ideas 2

'Wrapped in plastic' and 'Something alive'
I feel better about this newer version of 'wrapped in plastic', I prefer how this would have more effect on movement, I may even add more plastic.

I don't think I will actually use red for 'something alive'. I was thinking I'd use black to have more of a difference between it and the plastic, but I think that the red will actually work better and then there will be more impact for the next part, where I go under my skin and it's dark.

'Wrist is gone/exposed' 'Hollow' 'Something Sharp Inside'

I want to have black here to make more of a difference between the inside and the surface. After this last panel I would cut to outside again and there would just be the plain character with nothing wrong showing. (I don't think I'll use the angle I have in the second and third panel, I'll come in from something like the angle I have in the first panel instead.)

'Skin scraped off'

I'm not sure how graphic I want to go with this. I think I will have to line it up next to the other things I use and see which fits best. I was also thinking about having a shot with a pile of skin on the floor, maybe pooled around my feet, but I don't know if that actually serves the purpose I want this part to. At the moment I prefer the second panel, with a section pulled back like wallpaper, but it's wet and shiny inside. 

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