21 October 2016

Invisible Cities Reflective Statement

The Invisible Cities project has been very enjoyable and very challenging. I was looking forward to the project and I have learnt a massive amount both from the lessons we have had and from working independently and trying to push myself to be as creative as possible.

In my previous digital painting I have always tended towards the same blended finish and I wanted to move away from this and try new things for this project. I am pleased with the difference I see in my painting skill and the way my style is developing. I have made my largest leap in my ability to get what is in my head down in front of me in all of my time making art.

The thing I think that helped me the most in this project was doing my best to always be fully excited about and invested in the work. This really helped me to learn and I will take this with me to future projects.

I started the project working quite well but after the OGR I slowed down a little, this meant that I left too much work for the last week of the project. I do think this impacted the quality of my paintings and my 'Art Of' and I now know that I need to keep a good pace throughout my projects.

I am looking forward to using the knowledge I have gained from the Invisible Cities project throughout the rest of the course.

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